A complete renovation and layout change to a spacious Villa

Project Overview

lot acreage

5,000 Sq.Ft

total Sq Ft


Bed / Bath

4 / 3.5

total Cost


Project Goals & Expectations

As a homeowner, my primary goal was to rejuvenate and modernize my villa, ensuring it meets contemporary living standards. The complete infrastructure overhaul aimed to enhance the villa’s longevity and functionality. Additionally, the introduction of an extra bedroom was envisioned to cater to our growing family needs, providing ample space and comfort. I anticipated a seamless blend of the villa’s original charm with modern amenities, resulting in a harmonious and luxurious living space.

Master Bedroom
Home design

Overview of the projects’ success

The villa transformation exceeded expectations, merging tradition with modernity. The infrastructure revamp ensured durability, while the added bedroom enhanced living space. The renovation seamlessly integrated old charm with contemporary features, epitomizing the perfect fusion of style and functionality.