A penthouse with an emphasis on home staging with custom-made furniture and carpentry

Project Overview

lot acreage


total Sq Ft


Bed / Bath

4 / 2

total Cost


Project Goals & Expectations

From the onset, our primary goal was to create a sanctuary that mirrored our aspirations for luxury and comfort. We envisioned a penthouse that seamlessly blended modern aesthetics with functional design. Every piece of furniture, handcrafted to perfection, was expected to elevate our living experience. We sought a space that wasn’t just a residence, but an embodiment of our tastes and lifestyle. Above all, we yearned for a home that resonated with our identity and dreams.

Master Bedroom

Overview of the projects’ success

The penthouse project surpassed all expectations, masterfully blending luxury with functionality. Custom furniture and detailed carpentry elevated the space, creating a haven of modern elegance. Every design element resonated with the homeowner’s vision, culminating in a resounding success that set new standards in bespoke living.