Complete renovation, replacing all infrastructure, transforming old into new and shiny.

Project Overview

lot acreage


total Sq Ft


Bed / Bath

4 / 2

total Cost


Project Goals & Expectations

As a homeowner, my primary goal is to breathe new life into my duplex, ensuring it not only meets modern standards but also reflects a contemporary aesthetic. I anticipate a complete overhaul of the existing infrastructure, including plumbing and electrical systems, to guarantee safety and efficiency. The transformation should seamlessly blend the charm of the old structure with the elegance and functionality of modern design, creating a harmonious living space that feels both fresh and familiar.

Master Bedroom
Dining room

Overview of the projects’ success

The duplex renovation exceeded expectations, masterfully blending old-world charm with modern amenities. Infrastructure upgrades ensured safety and efficiency, while design enhancements elevated the living experience. The project stands as a testament to seamless integration of tradition and contemporary elegance.