A new apartment with an emphasis on creating enough storage space

Project Overview

lot acreage


total Sq Ft


Bed / Bath

4 / 2.5

total Cost


Project Goals & Expectations

In our new apartment, we envision a harmonious blend of kitchen and living room within a 300-square-foot space. While accommodating our large family, the design should offer ample storage without compromising on movement. We seek a clear distinction between the two areas without walls, ensuring an open, fluid environment. The furniture placement should be strategic, maximizing utility and aesthetics, creating a home that’s both functional and inviting.

Living room

Overview of the projects’ success

The apartment transformation was a triumph, seamlessly merging the kitchen and living room. Strategic furniture placement maximized storage and movement, creating a distinct yet open space. The design catered to the large family’s needs, achieving a balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal.